Completed projects


Since 2011 we have helped the local community build 50 latrine blocks in schools across Kipkelion.  Many of these blocks include washrooms and showers, enabling girls to attend school throughout the month. Over 10,000 children have benefited.  In each case, the school agreed to cover half the cost of the project, and in many cases the parents of the pupils volunteered to excavate the latrine pits themselves as their own contribution to the project.


Water Tanks

We have also provided 16 schools with water storage tanks – in most cases at least 32,000 litres in capacity – this enables the schools to store rainwater during the wet season and use it during the dry season, which helps keep the schools hygienic and the children healthy.  Over 3,000 children have benefited from this initiative.

Water tank

Clean Water

Our community water scheme at Nduro, which again was a collaboration with local people, has brought clean water to 11,000 men, women and children in the Nduro area of Kipkelion, by capturing clean spring water at the top of the hill and piping it downhill via a system of storage tanks.  This was officially opened in 2016 by Michael Deriaz and the Governor of Kericho County.

Clean water


Our FGM eradication project, partly funded by the Department for International Development (now part of FCDO) from 2015 to 2018, has protected over 3,000 girls in Kipkelion from the risk of FGM by providing support for an Alternative Rite of Passage.

No more FGM

Smokeless Stoves

We have helped hundreds of families in Kipkelion to get a smokeless cooking stove, which saves fuel, saves money and enables children to grow up in a smoke free atmosphere.

Smokeless stoves

School Bursaries

We have provided school bursaries for 6 children from needy families to attend secondary school in Kipkelion.

School children

Healthy Villages in Uganda

We have also provided funding to bring many of these initiatives to a remote area of Western Uganda.  The teams implementing the training and health education courses in Uganda are made up of local people from Kipkelion who are delighted to share their knowledge and insights with the Uganda community.