2017 projects

These are the main projects we are supporting in 2017:

Nduro Community Water Scheme – We are awaiting the results of an engineering feasibility study which will determine whether this very successful project can be extended to more households.  If the work is feasible, we hope to make a start later in the year.

School Latrine Blocks- We plan to  support the construction of latrine blocks for at least three more primary schools in Kipkelion.

School Water Tanks- Many schools in Kipkelion rely on collecting rain water for their supply of clean drinking water, and the supply depends on the rains.  By building 32,000 litre rainwater tanks, we enable the schools to collect the maximum amount of rainwater when it is available.  This year we are planning to build more tanks if funds permit.

Uganda– for the first time, we will be supporting projects outside Kipkelion, by piloting “Healthy Village” courses in West Nile Province in Uganda.  This opportunity has arisen because our projects in Kipkelion have been so successful that other communities in East Africa have been asking us to help them implement similar initiatives.  This first venture beyond Kipkelion had been generously supported by The Funding Network.

We will also continue to support the Girls for Girls initiative, developed by our partners Brighter Communities Worldwide.  This is a programme which helps girls to remain in school after puberty.  The programme combines the building of school toilets and washrooms with health education and the provision of affordable sanitary products.

The eradication of FGM is a high priority for the people of Kipkelion, and a key aspect of this is the provision of a wide scale sensitisation programme for the local communities and the making available of an Alternative Coming of Age Rite for the girls.  We hope to raise up to £500,000 to bring about the eradication of FGM in Kipkelion over the next 5 years.

All of these projects will be undertaken in partnership with Brighter Communities Worldwide and in collaboration with the local community. We aim to complete them by the end of 2017.

There are many more schools and communities in Kipkelion which need similar help. Please make a donation if you can.