Current projects

Despite the COVID 19 crisis, we are continuing our core activities in Kipkelion, including the construction of school latrines and water tanks. We are also supporting the local hospitals and clinics with PPE and medical equipment to enable them to combat the virus.

We are continuing to expand our support for smokeless stoves, financing additional training courses for stove installers in Kipkelion.
We are also completing a 2 year project, partly funded by DFID (now known as the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO)), to bring better maternal and child health care to thousands of women and babies across Kipkelion. This involved training volunteers in 16 villages to liaise closely with trained medical staff in the nearby towns.

FCDO are also supporting us in a project to bring better health care to all members of the rural communities in Kipkelion between now and 2022 – this will include providing access to mobile clinics and immunisations and the training of local health volunteers who will liaise with medical staff on behalf of community members.

Mother and child