Testai Primary School Toilets and Washrooms 2013


This primary school project involved the construction of three separate ventilated pit latrine toilet blocks: for girls, for boys and for the preschool children. The girls’ block has 10 toilets and 2 washrooms. Connected to this are 2 x 1,900 litre rain water collection tanks, of which one feeds directly into the washroom. The other is connected to taps at the entrance to facilitate hand washing. The boys’ latrine has 8 toilets and 1 x 1,900 litre rain water collection tank for hand washing. The preschool unit has 4 toilets.

Testai Primary School is part of the new Community Unit (CU) that was formed in this area of Kipkelion in 2013. The CU is working closely with the school to ensure that the upkeep of the new toilets and washroom facility is maintained, as one of the requirements of an effective CU is that all facilities in the area are maintained to a high standard. This was one of the reasons why we and our partners FOL chose to help this particular school, combined with the fact that they clearly had a serious need for adequate toilet facilities given the number of students attending the school. 

The works were hampered by the long heavy rains that hit the area in 2013, but were finally completed in February 2015.