Ndubusat Primary School Water & Sanitation project 2012

This school is supported by Friends of Londiani through the HECA (Healthy Environments for Children Alliance) Schools programme. Friends of Kipkelion funded the construction of three separate ventilated pit latrine toilet blocks: for girls, for boys and for the pre-school. The girls’ block has 10 toilets plus 4 washrooms. Connected to this are 2 x 1900 litre rain water collection tanks, of which one will feed directly into the washrooms. The other will be connected to taps at the entrance, in order to facilitate hand-washing. The boy’s block has 8 toilets, plus 1 x 1900 litre rain water collection tank for hand-washing. The pre-school unit has 4 toilets and, due to its proximity to the boys’ toilets, will share their water collection points. Additional water is been provided from the Ndubusat Water Project that serves the community.

The new toilet block at Ndubusat