Kimologit Water Project 2013


The Kimologit Community Water Project is a gravity water project, the aim of which is to supply water to the local community. The proposed source is Kimologit, a remote area at an elevation of 2276m. The source is in the middle of Kimalaget Forest.  

This project is located in Borowet Location, Kamasian Division in Kipkelion District. When completed, it will serve the communities of Kipsegi, Borowet, Kamasian and Kimugul – all in Kipkelion District.  The project area has a population of 24,562.

This project has been the culmination of many requests for support over the years, and consultations with the District Water Officer (DWO) in Kipkelion as to what would be the most sustainable project for these communities. We and our partners, Friends of Londiani, worked with the DWO to support the latest phase of this project which was the construction of the final pipeline to the 100 cubic metre water  storage tank. This final pipeline involves 2.4 km of trenching which the community are completing as their contribution to this cost sharing project. This will be connected to the 3.6 km of piping funded by the DWO and the Community, bringing water from the protected spring. With the completion of this phase, the water flows to the tank for easier distribution to these communities.

The last section of Phase 1 was completed at the end of November 2013.  

We and our partners, FOL, are committed to providing additional funds for distribution lines from the tank to Kiosk collection points for the local  communities. We are awaiting a feasibility study for the next phase as requested by the District Water Office.