Completed projects

  • Since 2011, Friends of Kipkelion has worked in close collaboration with Brighter Communities Worldwide, an Irish registered charity with similar aims. Working in partnership with communities in the Kipkelion area, Brighter Communities Worldwide identifies various water and sanitation programmes which would benefit those communities. Friends of Kipkelion undertakes to provide financial support for a range of these projects.


•    Talai Gravity Water Project
•    Kunyak High School Water Project
•    Sirigoi Primary School Water Project
•    Gwito Primary School toilet and washroom blocks


•    Nduro Gravity Water Project intake and Storage tank facility
•    Ndubusat Primary School toilet and washroom blocks for Girls, Boys & Pre-school
•    Urafiki Primary School Water & Sanitation project



  • Kamarus School Water Tank
  • Nyairobi Primary School
  • Kipsirichet Primary School


  • Further work on Nduro Gravity Water Project
  • Latrine blocks at Ngedalel, Kedowa and Tuiyobei Schools
  • Water Tanks at Chepseon, Murgat and Sitian Schools
  • Start of our involvement in the Alternative Rite of Passage project, to eradicate FGM in Kipkelion


  • Latrine blocks for girls and boys at Lelu, Barotion, Chepseon, Kapsegei and Ndarugu Schools
  • Over 1,000 girls protected from FGM via the Alternative Rites of Passage course, thanks to our support